Special Productions

American Quest: Where It All Began

In the first installment of the most recent series of CNN's "American Quest," correspondent Richard Quest, photographer Christian Streib, publicist Jonathan Hawkins, and I begin our journey across the United States by starting where Barack Obama's presidency began. Click the photo to watch the package. (Photo: Ryan Cooper)

American Quest: Civil War Re-enactment

From Chicago, we traveled by Amtrak train to Iowa, and we made a stop in Davis County. That is where in 1864 the Confederates made one of their most daring raids of the Civil War. So it was only fitting that we managed to catch a Civil War re-enactment. Click the photo to watch the full report. (Photo: Ryan Cooper)

American Quest: At the Dude Ranch

Our "whistlestop" tour takes us from the Plains to the Rockies where we spent the night at a dude ranch. The C-Lazy-U Guest Ranch was the ideal spot for a chat with some of the Colorado's political commentators about that swing state's role in the presidential election. You can watch the full report by clicking the photo. (Photo: Ryan Cooper)

American Quest: The Mormon Vote

From Colorado we traveled on by train to Provo, Utah, home of Brigham Young University. We wanted to tour the lovely campus of BYU and talk with Mormon students who share Mitt Romney's faith. The full piece is viewable by clicking the photo. (Photo: Ryan Cooper)

American Quest: San Francisco

In the final stop of our "American Quest," we end our journey in San Francisco, where former Mayor Willie Brown gives us a cable car tour of the city and talks politics. Watch the package by clicking the photo. (Photo: Ryan Cooper)